Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Veggie Hero: Sarah Kramer

Sarah Kramer just might be the hippest vegan in all of North America. Not only is this Canadian covered with great tattoos and has a fabulous wardrobe, but she's been veg since birth! Sarah has created a cult following as author of "How It All Vegan" and "La Dolce Vegan." She continues to spread the vegan message far and wide through her Web site, blog and regular articles for VegNews and Herbivore magazine.

Vegetarian or vegan?

How long have you been veg*n?
So long I’ve lost all track of time…

What inspired you to go veg?
My Mum. I was raised veg from birth. My cats inspired me to go Vegan as an adult. I wouldn't eat my cat... why would I eat a cow?

What's your best story of trying to find veg food?
Niagara Falls about 10 years ago. Oh my god… couldn’t even find a place to serve us spaghetti and tomato sauce. Nobody had plain tomato sauce!! We ended up at a Hard Rock CafĂ© and had a crappy salad with French fries. The best part of it was when the waitress beaned my husband in the head with a giant plate and left a welt. The manager came over and they made a huge deal about it… but didn’t even comp our meal, didn’t buy our drinks. Nothing… pffft.

How do you handle family holiday dinners?
I don’t celebrate holidays. Just my birthday… it should be a national holiday… *laugh*

What's your favorite veg food?
Japanese. There’s a great restaurant in Berkeley called Cha Ya. It’s my favourite restaurant in the world… best Japanese food I’ve ever eaten. 100% vegan restaurant too.

Do you have a favorite veg book?
I love Herbivore Magazine (which sit on my book shelf like books) and I love "Vegan Freak" by Jenna and Bob Torres

Tofu or tempeh?
Oooh. Tempeh for when I’m feeling macro. Tofu for when I’m in a hurry.

What did you have for breakfast today?
It was my day off today … so my hubby made waffles and soy-sausages with a nice big cup of tea.

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Dori said...

Love the interviews. This is a good one! Thanks for posting it. I am v-ee-gan too!