Friday, October 24, 2008

Restaurant Review: Millennium

For vegetarian and vegans across the nation, Millennium is mecca. This sublime restaurant has won countless awards and has been heralded in just about every food publication.

I don't know how I can add to the praise, but I'll try!

I traveled to San Francisco last weekend for the Nike Women's Half-Marathon. Weeks before I left, I made reservations at Millennium for after the race. I knew I would want to celebrate with a divine dinner.

The race was tough, but I'm proud to say I finished. After putting my feet up for a few hours (literally), I headed out of the hotel for a short walk to Millennium.

I was impressed the moment I walked in the door. The interior was dark and rich and the hostess was friendly and attentive. Our waitress greeted us with bread and the house spread, followed by the herb marinated olives. My dining companion and I had a tough time picking out our entrees, but finally settled on two different choices. When they arrived, we "ooohed and ahhhed" our way through each bite. Finally, it was on to dessert. Though we were comfortably full, we decided to split a slice the Chocolate Almond Midnight Pie. Let me tell you, it was a good idea.

The food left us feeling a little giddy and high. It was flavorful and nutritional. And cruelty-free. Every last item on the menu is vegan and speaks to the outstanding way that this style of cooking leaves nothing lacking.

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