Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Produce and Your Purse

New research by the University of Washington was released this week reporting that the cost of healthy, lower calories foods is steadily on the rise. In fact, fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains have jumped nearly 20 percent in the past two years.

Scientists found that the foods which are less energy-dense -- generally fresh fruits and vegetables -- are much more expensive per calorie than energy-dense foods -- such as those high in refined grains, added sugars, and added fats. The prices of very calorie-rich foods stayed stable or even dropped slightly, the researchers found.

It's almost as if the universe wants us to eat Doritos. But you must resist!

But there are plenty who are giving in to temptation, a lower shopping bill and consequently, obesity. Have you ever peered into others' shopping carts when you waited in the check-out line at the grocery store? I always see lots of processed foods, sodas and other generally unhealthy fare. Meanwhile, I note that the people behind me in line seem to be scowling when I check-out with my piles produce that always seem to take the cashier a long time to look up and enter.

"Is this cilantro or parsley?"

"What's a kiwi?


Even with the higher prices and the grocery store scowls, I plan to continue finding ways to eat healthy, whole foods. I hope you will, too!

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Anonymous said...

Ugg--I know! I have even had people look in my cart and ask me if I am having a party and making a huge salad (or fruit salad), as if a person shouldn't be buying that much produce at once for themselves or something. I would never look at their purchases and ask them if they are trying to kill themselves or give themselves a heart attack or something!

Thanks for this post!