Tuesday, October 02, 2007

World Farm Animals Day

Around the world today, millions of Hindus will celebrate Gandhi Jayanti -- or the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Of course we know Gandhi as a deeply spiritual man who personified non-violent action for social change. And like most Hindus, Gandhi wa a life-long vegetarian. In fact, Gandhi was well ahead of his time in espousing a simple vegan diet, which he followed for periods throughout his life, when not plagued by ill health. In his autobiography, he recounts being constantly frustrated when told by doctors that he needed to return to eating dairy food to restore his health. Faced with eating dairy food or giving up the movement to liberate his peope, Gandhi was forced to choose the greater good -- much to his chagrin.

Today, he remains a role model not only for Hindus but for all people seeking liberation for the enslavement of sentient beings. In his honor, World Farm Animals Day is celebrated around the globe with events to draw attention to the plight of animals raised for food.

Why not join in a local celebration? Or maybe you could find your own way to take the next step. Are you vegetarian? Try going vegan for one day? Already vegan? Could you share tasty meal with a friend and gently talk about your choice? I know we can all find ways to contribute to honor Gandhi and to help save the animals.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post for remembering and commemorating Gandhiji. But I did want to point out a few inconsistencies about your post.

Please do not limit Gandhiji to Hindus. India is not a Hindu nation. We are a secular country. Gandhi Jayanti is not celebrated only by Hindus. Ganchiji was the Father of our Nation. All of India (Indians and not just Hindus) celebrate Gandhi Jayanti. We have the second largest Muslim population (second to Indonesia). We were the only country to have welcomed oppressed Parsis (Iranian/Farsis who ran away from oppression hundreds of years ago), We have Jews, Christians amongst our midst. Along with Hinduism, we are also the birthplace of Buddhism, Jainism.

Gandhiji helped India become a free country from Britain. He wiped out Britain's claim to fame of being a 'cultured' and 'civilised' nation when he showed the international press and the world in turn, the brutalities of Jalianwalabaug massacre. He helped established Indian freedom struggle as a non-violent peaceful struggle for freedom.

Yes he did pick up many of his traits from Hinduism, but he was a well read man. If you read more about him, you will realise he incorporated many principles into our freedom struggle from Christ, Thoreau, American independence struggle (Just as Americans boycotted tea and cloth from Britain, Indians boycotted cloth from Britain - Swadeshi (Buy Local/National) movement).