Monday, March 26, 2007

Product Review: Silk Plus Fiber

Seems like fiber is popping up in the most unlikely places recently -- fiber-enhanced orange juice, fiber-rich yogurt and now soymilk with fiber.

Silk brand soymilk recently released a vanilla flavored soymilk with five grams of fiber per serving. It's a convenient way to boose your fiber intake while enjoying your favorite breakfast cereal or smoothie.

The Silk Web site reminds us that "fiber is a nutrient vital for health and well-being. It adds bulk to your diet and encourages healthy digestion by aiding in elimination and helping to maintain proper pH levels in the digestive tract. Fiber has also been shown to help promote healthy cholesterol levels."

I don't think too many vegetarians are lackly in fiber. And this "special" Silk cost nearly a $1.00 when I purchased some last week. I used it for smoothies and it tasted great -- pretty much like other Silk vanilla flavors. So unless you feel like you need some extra fiber, don't spend the extra money. For those veg-heads who need a bit more fiber action, check out this new product.

Grade: B+

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