Friday, December 01, 2006

Ode to a Coondog

In August 2005 my husband and I adopted Maggie, a black-and-tan and bluetick mixed coondog. She's the absolute light of our life. We're not sure when she was born but our vet estimates around the first of December 2004. So we choose to celebrate her birthday today!

Hunting dogs like Maggie are often dumped. The alpha male is chosen out of the litter and the rest of the puppies are disposed of like so much trash. But hunting dogs make wonderful pets -- even for non-hunting folks like us! Because hunting dogs were bred to be around people, they are gentle, smart and loyal. I hope when it comes to your next companion animal adoption that you'll consider a hunting dog -- one of the most overlooked breeds at shelters.

As I was preaching this gospel at the dog park one day, a fellow coondog lover and I struck up a conversation. As he walked off, he shouted back to me, "I love my hillbilly coondogs!" Amen my Appalachian brother!

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Katie said...

I love this ode to Maggie! She certainly is one of the swellest dogs ever!