Monday, September 11, 2006

Restaurant Review: Candle Cafe

As promised, here's my first report from dining in New York earlier this month.

My first veggie meal in the Big Apple was at the world famous Candle Cafe, 1307 Third Avenue at 75th Street. I was super stoked to dine at this renowned restaurant, but I must say that I was pretty disappointed.

Upon entering, I was suprised at how small the restaurant was. I know space is a premium in the City, but the spot was quite tiny for such a popular restaurant. I was literally rubbing elbows with those dining next to me.

Nevertheless, I scanned the menu eager to try something exotic -- something I couldn't or wouldn't make at home. Most of the offerings didn't really fit that bill. I chose a cuban seitan sandwich with spicy vegan aioli, the most unusual thing I could find to choose. The sandwich was large and filling but nothing truly special. The aioli, however, was fantastic. I wanted to take some home! The coleslaw on the side was bland and limp. None too appetizing.

Finally it was time for dessert. I ordered chocolate cake but was sad to find it incredibly dry and flavorless. In fact, one of my dinner companions who ordered the same thing didn't even finish it.

All in all, Candle Cafe was a let down. Maybe I had hyped it too much in my head? Maybe eating at home and cooking our own fantastic food is tastier and more nourishing (and cheaper) on every level! So, here's to great veg home cooking!


Anonymous said...

i use to work as a cook at candle cafe a few years ago when the place made decent food...i went back a few months ago and ordered the same exact thing you did...cuban seitan sandwich...chocolate cake and had the same feelings about it when i reviewed it to a friend..i use to make the coleslaw there and it taste nothing like it use to...its so flavorless now..and the chocolate cake was so sad..i've had better vegan cakes and non vegan restaurants.


Anonymous said...

Next time try Candle 79 - you won't be disappointed!